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Mimzy (beta code-name) is an FPGA development board I have designed for a few projects I am planning and will also be part of the Your First CPU project for implementing and testing the custom soft processor core and ucLinux. Features include 8Mb Flash, 32MB SRAM, sound codec, SD Slot and USB. I have completed the schematics and PCB routing but I have not yet tested the design beyond some spice modeling. Some aspects of the design may still change.

The honest truth is I can't afford to take the typical 3 or more revisions to corrent any mistakes I might have in the design when each iteration costs about 600$. I have chosen to wait a little longer until my CNC machine can route decent circuits and then proceed to test the circuits seperately. This should validate at least  90% or more of the board and provide confidence it won't end up as pcb jewelery!

I have included schematics and PCB files so that you may possibly benefit from the schematics in their current state. Perhaps you may even find an error so please check my work and let me know. Finally, perhaps someone out there has the capability to cheaply create 4-layer PCBs so that together we can validate the design and share the results.

The schematics and PCB layout can be found in the PDF document at the bottom of this article.

Please, visit the polls section and vote on what you would like in a robotics main board. This board is being redesigned for this purpose.

Design Features

Mimzy currently has the following features:



This design has been scaled down from more complex schematics to speed time to production. Further enhancement of the design will continue as the project matures. Here are some notes concerning current state and future plans of this project:


Download the Mimzy Schematics & PCB (PDF)


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