Yogi rides the new 6 wheeled robotic base platform. Designed in Solidworks and milled on my CNC machine.

Thursday July 25 , 2024
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Changes to ColinMacKenzie.net

There have been many recent updates to ColinMacKenzie.net! You may have gotten to this page from an old link that no longer exists. Here are some common links that may help you find what you are looking for:

404 Not Found! Visit the home page to see the new content added to ColinMacKenzie.net, you won't be dissapointed!  Robotics, FPGA development, CNC Machines and designing your own CPU!

Updated Links

  • Symapod - 6 legged robot
  • AMEE - Pictures from the Red Planet robot
  • FPGA ucLinux Board - contains a 400k gate FPGA, SRAM, Flash, USB, SD Card Reader, PCM Audio and more
  • Digital RC Servos - Replacing RC servo PCBs for better robotics
  • AI Search Algorithms - collection of C++ template classes for heuristic searching
  • Anti-Nimda - anti virus for the Nimda.32 virus (cleans hard drive and memory, source code available)
  • Audio Classes - C++ objects to simplify the operations of windows audio playback and recording
  • Database Diff SQL - this stored procedure compares two databases for newly inserted or deleted rows
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