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Monday June 17 , 2024
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Installing EMC2 + RealTime extensions on Ubuntu Hardy 8.04

Computer Programming

When compiling EMC2 part of the RTAI headers includes asm/asm-offsets.h and this file is not found. In reality, there is a sym link, the asm directory, that was a dead link to asm-x86_64 which in the new kernel x86_64 was renamed to just x86.


AI Search Algorithms

Computer Programming

Includes depth/breadth first, A*, best-first & hill climbing algorithms using custom heuristics. These algorithms are provided as template classes that are compatible with the Standard Template Library (STL) and can be adapted to your custom structure or class type!

I created these template classes early in my AI class during university and they were useful throughout the entire course. Being template classes they made each assignment simple!



Nimda Anti-Virus Scanner & Remover

Computer Programming

In Sept of 2001 the nimda virus hit the internet in full force hitting our company very early in it's initial release. When I arrived in the morning to work I immediately noticed my workstation and many of the servers behaving eradically. Quickly I realized it was a virus and was duelly unimpressed and yet not suprised that the virus protection software on the servers had caught it. (I have had little faith in any virus software's ability to adequately protect against viruses.) I spent a few hours downloading every anti-virus utility out there. Not one would even detect the virus. No reports from the big anti-virus companies seemed to even exist yet. I was dealing with an as yet unknown virus.


Comparing two databases for data differences

Computer Programming

The following stored procedure can be used to compare the differences between two databases. This procedure generates a report of rows inserted, updated, or deleted from each respective table. Typically, you would use this procedure to reverse engineer processes a program goes through to perform an operation by comparing the snapshots of before and after the specific process is performed.


Audio Classes Library w/ n-Channel Real-Time Mixer demo

Computer Programming

The AudioClasses library simplifies much of the work involved in playing from a compressed sound source and includes mixing of many sources at once in real-time into a single sound stream. The library is based on audio streams. You can connect stream objects together like a chain to perform the desired operation.


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