Yogi rides the new 6 wheeled robotic base platform. Designed in Solidworks and milled on my CNC machine.

Tuesday April 23 , 2024
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My wife and II am originally from Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia, Canada. However, the Canadian weather was too cold for me so almost 10 years ago I moved to Tampa, Florida to enjoy the sunshine state. Soon after, I met my wife, Kinga, while she was visiting her cousin in Florida and imported her all the way from Poland! We now have a little girl named Maya and a small yorkie terrier, we are the typical Polish-Canadian-American family!




I have been interested in computers and electronics longer than I can remember. My first computer was a TRS-80 model III. It was strickly Black & White, not even shades of gray, and each pixel was huge! Those were the days when things were much less complicated...probably why they weren't as much fun too! Well, I fried my TRS-80 moding it and it literally billowed with smoke! Thus, onto to a Commodore 64, amiga and finally modern PCs. Amiga's had an annoying habit of suddenly popping up "Guru Messages" and then crashing! (And Guru became my internet handle.)



Read on to see the majority of my abilities in the various disciplines.



Computers & Programming




WinXP, 2003, 2000, Ubuntu/Debian/Gentoo Linux, Amiga, Windows NT (Server & Workstation), WIndows 95, and many lagacy OSs.




MS Visual Studio .NET 2005, MS Visual C++, GNU C++/GDB, Borland Delphi, Assembler(80x86, Z80, 8080, PIC), JAVA, Borland Pascal (Windows and DOS versions), BASIC, LISP & Fortran

HDLs: Verilog and VHDL (see FPGAs)

Extensive programming knowledge of MFC, Win32 and Platform SDK. Such API's as MCI & Audio Compression Manager, Digital Signal Processing, Windows Telephony, & DirectX, Network API, Remote Procedure Call (RPC) API, SOAP, Control Panel Applets, Scripting Engine, Multi-Threaded Applications and other Software Development Kits (SDK's). Authored ActiveX (OCX), OLE Components & ATL Services. I have created many Windows Services and database applications.

Microsoft Certified (MCP) in SQL Server Administration and Implementation, ANSI-SQL and Transact-SQL. Advanced knowledge of database design, stored procedures, stored functions, triggers, and information retrieval. Also, creating Open Data Services (ODS) Gateways and Extended Stored Procedures. Strong skills in information retrieval systems.


(ODS is an API for creating custom code modules using C++ that can be called from SQL Server.)





Active Server Pages (ASP) & .NET, PHP, vbScript, JavaScript, HTML, DOS batch files, UNIX shell scripting.




I have created systems relating to Order Management, Point of Sale & real-time integration of ACPPAC. Internet search engines. Transcription application for multi-channel compressed audio. Digital Signal Processing using Fourier transforms, Anti-virus Utility (nimda-A). VoiceMail and Interactive Voice Response System. Security Monitoring & Dispatch Software. Articles on CodeGuru. More.


Internet Protocols:


Programming Distributed Applications using communication protocols such as TCP/IP, XML/SOAP, HTTP, ODBC, Native MS SQL Server, OLEDB. Programmed protocol services for MIME, POP3, SMTP, NNTP, FTP & HTTP.







Micro- processors:


Embedded applications with Intel TI DSP, 8088, Zilog Z80, Z180, PIC, Zf86.


Acquired skills:


CPU internal architecture RISC & CISC, CPU bus architecture and interface design (RAM/ROM/PROM/EEPROM memory systems, FPGA & CPLD, VHDL, system supervisors, keypad & LCD display devices, etc.). Advanced CPU & device interface timing requirements, telephony circuitry, FSK modems, Charged Coupled Devices (CCD's) & Active Pixel Sensors, commercial remote control modulation & demodulation, switching power supplies, 120v switching power supplies, Servo Control & Control Systems (with PID+).


Interface Circuits:


PCI, AT IO Bus Interface, Z80/Z180 Bus Interface, LCD Display Modules, RS232 Serial, Centronics Parallel, Magnetic Card Readers, Ultrasonic Devices. ISA Boot ROM interface. Implimented many I2C Bus Master & Slave devices. XBox internals, Much more.


Misc. Circuits:


Designed a small RISC processor in FPGA, PC104 I2C bus master module with Boot-ROM, Digital Clock (CPLD), Designed my own WebCAM, 16x R/C Advanced Servo Controller, Digital Servo Controllers with I2C interface. FSK Modem, battery backup, telephone line monitor, All solid-state NTSC video switcher, Volitile memory backup, Microprocessor controlled freq. synthesizer, human proximity detector, Digitally Controlled Frequency Detector, Remote Controls, Lasers. CNC Amps and controllers, Much more.

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