Yogi rides the new 6 wheeled robotic base platform. Designed in Solidworks and milled on my CNC machine.

Thursday July 25 , 2024
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Micro- processors:


Embedded applications with Intel TI DSP, 8088, Zilog Z80, Z180, PIC, Zf86.


Acquired skills:


CPU internal architecture RISC & CISC, CPU bus architecture and interface design (RAM/ROM/PROM/EEPROM memory systems, FPGA & CPLD, VHDL, system supervisors, keypad & LCD display devices, etc.). Advanced CPU & device interface timing requirements, telephony circuitry, FSK modems, Charged Coupled Devices (CCD's) & Active Pixel Sensors, commercial remote control modulation & demodulation, switching power supplies, 120v switching power supplies, Servo Control & Control Systems (with PID+).


Interface Circuits:


PCI, AT IO Bus Interface, Z80/Z180 Bus Interface, LCD Display Modules, RS232 Serial, Centronics Parallel, Magnetic Card Readers, Ultrasonic Devices. ISA Boot ROM interface. Implimented many I2C Bus Master & Slave devices. XBox internals, Much more.


Misc. Circuits:


Designed a small RISC processor in FPGA, PC104 I2C bus master module with Boot-ROM, Digital Clock (CPLD), Designed my own WebCAM, 16x R/C Advanced Servo Controller, Digital Servo Controllers with I2C interface. FSK Modem, battery backup, telephone line monitor, All solid-state NTSC video switcher, Volitile memory backup, Microprocessor controlled freq. synthesizer, human proximity detector, Digitally Controlled Frequency Detector, Remote Controls, Lasers. CNC Amps and controllers, Much more.

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